MSF | Back to the future at the AGM!
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Back to the future at the AGM!

Every November Mid-Somerset Festival members gather at the AGM to look back at the events of the year, and plan for the next.

In 2023 the Mid-Somerset will be at full capacity again after a disrupted start to the 2020’s. The Festival returned in spring 2022 in its usual live format.

New challenges

The arts teach us to rise above the reality of everyday life, and there will always be challenges to overcome.

This academic year, parents are defying the cost of living crisis to support their children’s participation in the performing arts. At the very successful dance festival in September, those performers attending from further away were hampered by rising prices affecting arrangements for travel and overnight stays.

For individuals and schools feeling the pinch, please take a look at the Mid-Somerset bursary scheme.

Thank you!

The AGM provided members with an opportunity to express their appreciation for all the work accomplished by Mid-Somerset General Secretary Rosemarie Johnson, as she prepares to step down from her role.

Lynne Barnes, Festival chair, commented that Rosemarie ‘deserves all the plaudits we can give her’.  Rosemarie and her husband Paul, a former Mid-Somerset chairman, will be moving closer to family in London. The couple have given an incalculable amount of their free time and expertise over the years, in roles that are more than a full time job at busy times in the Festival calendar.

Speaking about volunteering in general, Paul explained to the meeting how research demonstrates that volunteering has a positive impact on individuals as well as organizations – getting involved as a volunteer can alleviate loneliness and foster mutual support and friendship.

Volunteering roles at the Mid-Somerset range from a handful of half days to regular and greater commitments. If you’re interested in the arts, and have some free time available, please find out more and give it a try!

Positive feedback

Those at the helm of the Mid-Somerset reported on a happy and positive mood in March 2022, with adjudicators going above and beyond to support performers, and appreciative comments from parents.

Although there were fewer entries overall, and the numbers of groups were limited as they hadn’t been able to rehearse together, the standard of work was higher than ever.

The new electronic box office ensured that the purchase of tickets and programmes was quick and efficient. The Mid-Somerset programmes are still printed, and a great place for local business and educational organisations to advertise.

Next year’s syllabus can be found online. It includes details of all the classes and awards available.

Spring is just around the corner, and the Mid-Somerset is as popular as ever – ready to thrive in 2023.


Rosemary McEwen


Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash







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