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Music Workshops

We offer workshops and beginners classes for early years instrumental players. These sessions are both instructional and enjoyable – so why not come along and join in the fun!


Workshops and beginners classes are becoming a regular feature of the Mid-Somerset Festival. Led by experienced musicians, our aim is to provide a different opportunity from the children’s regular lessons; they will learn to play with others of similar ability and perhaps discover more about  their particular instrument and how to play it.


Harp Workshop for all abilities


The workshop will last one hour and will be led by the day’s adjudicator, Keziah Thomas.  Using Keziah’s solo harp arrangement of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, this class will explore using improvisation, contemporary techniques and sound scape creation to bring programmatic music to life. This is a fun and creative practical class in which everyone will play and contribute ideas!

Any queries about this workshop should be directed to Sue Summers, MSF Instrumental Secretary. Email:



Brass Workshop for Beginners


This workshop is for players of any age who are Grade 2 standard or below. The performers will be involved as a group, learning a couple of simple pieces, with a mini “performance” at the end. Parents and teachers will be welcome to stay and give support.


At the end of the session everyone will receive a certificate of performance.


The cost is £5.50 per child.



Any queries about this workshop should be directed to Sue Summers, MSF Instrumental Secretary. Email:


Beginners Please –  Piano


This is a non-competitive class is for all players who are pre Grade 1 standard; it will start with a group approach to introduce entrants to aspects of the performing experience. The session will be very informal and will we hope help to build up the confidence of those taking part for competitive performances in later years.


Following the introduction, all entrants will have an opportunity to announce and perform their chosen piece to the audience and for this they will each receive a simple written appraisal from the Adjudicator and of course a certificate of performance.