MSF | Musical Theatre Rules
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Musical Theatre Rules



1 Copyright

a. The Festival does not accept liability for the infringement of copyright recording or performing rights arising out of an entrant’s accompaniment or performance. It contributes to a group license to cover payment of fees for the use of recorded music at its events. Teachers and choreographers using tapes created from commercial recordings are advised that they are themselves responsible for seeking permission to re-record from the recording companies concerned. Performers or teachers with queries on how to obtain copyright permission for performance items should contact Festivals House (British and International Federation of Festivals) on 01625 428297 or email at info@ before making their entries.

b. The use of photo or other facsimile copies of printed material without the publisher’s

permission is forbidden as contrary to law. However, when material is part of a volume,

and not published separately, a copy may be made for the Adjudicator, provided that the

entrant has already purchased a copy. The photocopy will be retained and then destroyed

by the Festival.


2 Performance

a. Chairs and a table will be provided.

b  A copy of the musical track you will be using should be sent in advance. The CD should contain one instrumental track only. All CDs should be clearly marked with the class/ number of the entrant.

c. Minimal props and a suggestion of costume essential to the action or character may be used. Full stage costume is discouraged and may contravene copyright.

d. Please provide a copy of the script and music for the adjudicator and a further copy of script for the CD operator.


3 Time limits

Time limits must be strictly observed. Introductions are not included in the time limit and 2 minutes are allowed for set up