MSF | Drama Classes
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Drama Classes

It has been said that to perform Shakespeare ‘all you need is a passion and a plank….and you can do without the plank’. We believe that adage applies to all performance. For passion read belief, understanding and confidence; add a little technique and good voice to the mix and you have a piece of theatre.


A comprehensive range of classes is on offer to promote all of the above and allow performers to develop their skills.





There are no set pieces and scenes may be taken from any play or dramatisation of a novel. The dramatisation may be either published or of your own devising. Sketches are not acceptable except those set for examination syllabi. In ALL Acting Classes, minimal hand props are permitted. However, the Festival encourages the use of mime instead of props. Appropriate practice clothing is permitted.


Solo* – from under 7 – 21 years
Duo –   from under 10 – 21 years
Group – from under 12 – 21 years


We also offer adult classes – 21 and over –  in Solo Acting – see also Verse Speaking, Reading Aloud and Memorised Prose





No syllabus would be complete without Shakespeare. Entry ages are a little higher in this section reflecting the need for an understanding of the language and style. A speech or scene from any play may be used.


Solo* – from 12 and under to 21 years
Duo –   from 12 and under to 21 years


Group – 11 years and under – Scenes from Shakespeare


Original text must be used in this class but may be linked with narration. Music and sound effects may be incorporated.




Introduced in 2009 to encourage the study of classical playwrights, this class has proved very popular. Any play, excluding Shakespeare, written before 1910 may be used.


The class is open to 14 – 21 years.





As its name suggests this is not just about acting. It allows performers to put together a varied performance of Verse, Prose and Drama woven into a loose theme with an introduction, linking words and a conclusion, adding music, sound effects or props if desired.


Because we appreciate the amount of preparation involved, work entered into other classes can be incorporated into the presentation.


The class is open to:     13 -15 years

16 -18 years


Please see syllabus for appropriate class number and time limit