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Group Classes

Working with groups is immensely satisfying from a teacher’s perspective. Although at times it feels like hard labour the finished product is more often than not a revelation. At its most basic you will have encouraged team work and discipline and at its best you will have achieved a complete and unique piece of theatre which is a compilation of both teachers’ and students’ creativity. It allows the less confident student to experience the pleasure of public performance without undue stress and teaches the confident and talented about the value of co-operative ventures as well as promoting generosity of spirit.


We offer group classes in all the major disciplines of Drama, Mime and Devised work (see pages for details) but we would draw your attention to four specialist classes.*



Group Speaking


Age group – 11 years and under. There should be no fewer than 3 speakers. Choirs/Groups must perform two contrasting pieces which can be any combination of verse and prose. i.e. two poems, two passages of prose, or one poem and one passage of prose. In Group Speaking movement is optional and minimal hand props allowed. Sound effects/music can be used with discretion, bearing in mind the spoken word should predominate.





Age group – 11 Years and under. No fewer than 10 nor more than 20 performers. The aim is to present a programme on one of the set themes by using a variety of the performing arts in which the spoken word, including some published text, should predominate. Props and a small suggestion of suitable clothing are optional.



Dance Drama


This class is open to all ages. A minimum of 2 and no more than 15 performers. The aim of the class is to present an idea using the vocabulary of Dance to a musical accompaniment. Minimal props and costume are allowed.



Scenes from Shakespeare


Original text must be used in this class but may be linked with narration. Music and sound effects may be incorporated.




Group Drama/Group Mime

See relevant pages for details



Please see syllabus for appropriate class number and time limit