MSF | Verse Speaking classes
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Verse Speaking classes

We believe strongly that children should be given the opportunity to learn and recite poetry. It allows them to use their imagination and creative energy whilst introducing them to the richness of imagery and language. As they get older it helps with their understanding of the poetic form, rhythm and syntax and encourages them to explore poets and their poetry in greater depth.


We offer the following classes to promote the speaking of Verse.


Verse Speaking – Open


Classes range from ages 6 to 21 years. There are seven major trophies to be won. There are set poems but entrants do have an opportunity to choose their own poem within the parameters laid out in the syllabus.


Duo Verse


Verse can be shared by 2 speakers, so ideal for students who feel more comfortable working with a partner. Movement and music are optional giving this the potential for very creative performances. There is a set poem but entrants also have the opportunity to choose their own.


Open to 11 years and under




Open class -14 -21 years. Your opportunity to explore this challenging verse form. One minute, 14 lines – Perfection! Set poem or own choice.


Please see syllabus for appropriate class number and time limit