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a Member

Are you interested in having a say in how the Festival is run?
Do you have skills in the performing arts or have business experience which might help us with running the festival?


Becoming a Festival Member entitles you to attend General Meetings, to have your voice heard, to vote, become a member of one of the committees, be co-opted to the GC or to stand for election as a trustee. The current annual subscription is £10 and is payable on 1st December annually. All applications are subject to approval by the General Council.


If you feel you can play an active part in the running of the festival there are variety of ways you can contribute.


General Council Members

This is an elected group and are the nominated Trustees of MSF. It consists of the Officers (Festival Chair, Secretary and Treasurer) plus Chief Steward and Chairs of Dance Drama and Music. It also includes other members responsible for diverse areas such as Sponsors, Publicity and Trophies. The GC has the option to co-opt other members as and when a need arises or skills gap appears. Co-opted members are not Trustees but can offer important skills

Committee Members

There are three committees dealing with Dance, Speech & Drama (including a further sub-committee for Creative Writing) and Music which covers all instrumental, vocal and choral sections. Musical Theatre, known as the triple threat, is administered by all 3 disciplines Each committee sets their own section of the syllabus and is responsible for keeping the content fresh and current.


Each committee meets on average 4/5 times a year to plan and execute the necessary steps for a successful and vibrant festival and members also commit themselves to attending at least part of the Festival weeks to support their particular area of interest.


The lists of jobs within each of these committees are numerous so willing, enthusiastic helpers are always welcome and we would be delighted to hear from you.


If you wish to take an active part in the Festival please fill in the online form or pdf form and add any information about yourself that you feel is relevant.



    Please tick any areas of interest


    Do you have any specific skills?

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