MSF | Non Competitive classes
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Non Competitive classes

Not interested in competition but still want to perform? Why not try our non-competitive classes


MSF listened to feedback from schools and independent teachers and introduced non- competitive classes to fill this gap.



Classes are open to Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 students from all schools or training groups of a similar age, and entries will be presented in an informal concert format.


Any style of work may be entered. For example in the group classes you may wish to enter a particularly good class assembly or a scene from the school play. Alternatively it might be a piece of fresh work you want to try out on a different audience. Solo classes may appeal to first time Festival entrants who want to show their talent, but not in a competitive field, or students who simply enjoy performance for its own sake.


Whatever you chose to enter our aim is to celebrate and acknowledge the effort invested in the work in a relaxed and stress free way.


There will be a written report for each entry, but no winner. Each entry will receive a memento to mark the occasion to take back to school.


There will be 2 classes in each of the age limits



Solo Performance


Can be either Own Choice Poem(memorised), or Prepared Prose Reading or an Own Choice Solo Acting Scene



Group Performance


No fewer than 5 performers.


An Own choice Group Performance (which may be choral speaking, theme, devised performance or group acting)


Please see syllabus for appropriate class number and time limit