MSF | Creative Writing classes
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Creative Writing classes

There are a range of classes in a variety of genres to suit most age groups. All entries are submitted prior to the Festival in order to be assessed by the adjudicator and each entrant receives a constructive report from the adjudicator on the Creative Writing Day, which takes place during the Festival. In each class, certificates and/or trophies are awarded and some of the work is shared with the audience. Additionally, entries should be made according to school year, rather than age of entrant.


Poetry Writing (including Sonnet and Haiku)


The chance to submit original poetry is offered from 7 years through to senior level – 19 years and over. The sonnet and haiku are two forms with specific classes but all forms are welcome.


Short Story


Original short stories can be submitted throughout all age ranges. All styles and genres are welcome but the word count in each class should be observed.


Monologue and Duologue


There are three of these classes; one in the junior section and two for the seniors and they have proved to be popular and entertaining. Yet again the word count needs to be adhered to.



Please see syllabus for appropriate class number and time limit.