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Please note:


With the Covid restrictions that are in place currently, decisions have had to be made regarding which events can sensibly be expected to take place in 2021. With the safety of both Festival personnel and all other participants being paramount, it is with regret that we have to confirm that Secondary and Adult Choral Days will not take place in 2021.  However, the Festival has increased the ensemble sizes for  Junior and Young Adult Vocal classes and will introduce ensemble classes for Adult Vocal so that smaller groups of up to 15 in number can still enter.



Secondary Schools Choral Day


Secondary Schools Choral Day.


All age ranges have an opportunity to compete in a variety of classes. There are no set pieces and the ‘own choice’ classes vary from madrigals and sacred music to gospel and show songs.



Adult Choral Day


Adult Choral Day.


A wide range of classes will offer opportunities to all choirs and smaller groups.


All groups are welcome and a professional adjudicator will give written comments and advice.


*New for 2020*

A new non-competitive class for community choirs.  This class is for any combination of voices performing two pieces of their own choice. Contact for more information.