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LA Primary Classes

The classes offered in this section give pupils the opportunity to perform to a wider audience and receive constructive feedback from professional adjudicators thus gaining knowledge and experience. Our aim is to provide a positive experience for all, nurture confidence and enhance communication skills.


All entries in Primary Section should be sent from the School.
Competitors who attend Primary Schools may enter either the Primary Section or the Junior Open Section but If receiving private tuition, pupils must enter the Junior Open Classes only.



 Cash award for Primary Group Classes. £50 to the winning school



Verse Speaking


Classes range from ages 6 to 11 years and there are three major trophies to be won. Winners may be asked to perform at the Final Concert.  Pupils may choose from 2 set poems.




We have added two prepared reading classes


9 years and under

11 years and under





We have added two Duo Acting classes


9 years and under

11 years and under


Group Classes


Groups should contain no fewer than 3 performers.


1. Group Mime

Mime provides us with the core skills required for any performance. It develops a physical awareness that aids the external expression of the inner character. Working within a group further focuses the concentration and encourages discipline and co-operation.

We provide a set title for your interpretation.

2. Group Acting

Own choice. Any scene from a play or dramatization of a novel may be used in this class. Group Acting is always challenging but, as well as being creatively satisfying, teaches pupils the value of shared responsibility.

Pupils may enter all other appropriate classes in Junior Open Section

3. Group Speaking

Set poem or  own choice. The poem to be spoken from memory. In Group Speaking movement is optional and minimal hand props allowed. Sound effects/music can be used with discretion, bearing in mind the spoken word should predominate.
See also  Group Shakespeare class


Please see syllabus for appropriate class number and time limit