MSF | Keyboard
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Keyboard Classes

Pianists of all ages and abilities are able to choose from a wide range of competitive classes, offering different styles of music. There are also non-competitive classes for young beginners.

All classes are own choice and include graded classes, Repertoire, Classical, Romantic, Baroque and Jazz.  There is also a twenty minute Recital class and the prestigious Concerto class.  We also offer an Adult Beginners’ class together with a number of duet and trio classes.

Classes take place in the Bath Guildhall.



The Piano Shop, Bath Salver and cash prize of £100 will be awarded to the pianist nominated by a panel of adjudicators as ‘the outstanding young pianist of the year.’ The decision is based on overall performance in at least three classes and/or a repertoire class.

The Premier Award. The winner of the Piano Concerto class will be joined by the winners of the String and Wind Concerto classes for a play off during the evening of Classical Music. The award carries a substantial monetary prize as well as a trophy.