MSF | Prose Classes
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Prose Classes

Our aim in these classes is to encourage reading for pleasure and extend, it is hoped, the reading experience. They also provide the opportunity to gain confidence in performing before an audience.


Reading Aloud


Books for the younger age groups are chosen from the many excellent authors now writing for children. The aim is to provide fun and encouragement to continue reading for pleasure. Reading aloud provides an easy introduction into performing before an audience since no learning is involved. For older competitors there is a vast range of contemporary and classic literature to choose from. Because the adjudicator selects the passage to be read (except for the youngest class where the passage may be prepared) the competitors need to be familiar with the whole book.



Memorised Prose


These classes take the reading experience further. Because the choice of passage is that of the competitor a more sensitive interpretation can be made, particularly in portrayal of character and the delivery of dialogue. Competitors may take a relaxed position or a more dramatic one for their performance, unlike the restrictions in the verse classes.


Classes in Reading Aloud and Memorised Prose – From 6 – 21 years






Charles Dickens was renowned for his readings so it seems appropriate that we have a special class for this author in addition to the Memorised Prose Classes.


Class 14-21 years


*Memorised Prose forms part of the award for the Evelyn Sandford Repertoire Trophy


Bible Classes


In years gone by Sunday Schools often provided the opportunity for reading passages from the Bible. The language, whether from the St James’ version or the modern translations is often poetic and is ideal for providing the opportunity to perform in public, particularly if competitors are accustomed to hearing the Bible read in church.

From 10 – 14 years


15 years and over – Open


Passages will be read.


Please see syllabus for appropriate class number and time limit