MSF | Instrumental Groups
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Instrumental Groups

Making music together is the life blood of learning to play and our Festival seeks to provide as many opportunities as possible for group performance.


  • Instrumental Groups


Classes for instrumental groups of fewer than 12 performers offer free choice of pieces and are mostly arranged in three age groups: Year 8 and under, Year 11 and under, Year 13 and under.  In addition to those classes, there is a class for chamber orchestras of fewer than 18 players and a class for instrumental chamber groups of up to 12 players which is open to amateur players of any age.


Other ensemble events:

Primary Music Makers is a non-competitive event for music groups of all varieties – see relevant page

Bands and Orchestras – see relevant page


Please note that any paper entry forms for instrumental classes need to be sent to Sue Summers at 12, Kiln Copse, Cranleigh, Surrey GU6 7BW