MSF | Public Speaking classes
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Public Speaking classes

The following classes which include TV Newsreading and Story Telling provide students with the experience of addressing the public using their own words, rather than performing the works of established writers.  They can learn to express their opinions with confidence, to persuade other people of their ability to create a structured argument and to use their imagination. They can learn the importance of appearance and presentation as well as developing their communication skills, valuable in future life, in interviews and possible careers.


Two forms of public speaking are available, one as an individual and one as a member of a team. Both provide the opportunity for presenting an argument in a persuasive way and perhaps will provide us with future orators, leaders of protest groups or even politicians!


Public Speaking – Solo


We offer 3 classes:


9 -11 years, 12 -14 years and 15 -18 years.


Candidates may choose the set topic or own choice. Minimal notes and visual aids may be used. Please note the use of technical equipment is not permitted for the youngest age group


Public Speaking – Team


In this section we have 2  different types of class.


These classes provides valuable experience for those intending to involve themselves in student life at university or those thinking of entering a profession that requires public speaking e.g. law or politics.


Prepared Public Speaking

This format is one that is used in competitions round the country, often run by local Rotary groups. Students can therefore use existing work if they are already involved in such a scheme. The Team will consist of a Chairman, Speaker and a team member who will give the the Vote of Thanks

Open to all ages


Youth Debate

The class was set up originally in memory of Robert Sparkes, a member of the local farming community who had been concerned about the lack of understanding between the communities in town and country.  This is the reason for the requirement that the topic for debate should reflect environmental issues in some way.


The team will consist of three members, the Chairman who controls the proceedings and two Speakers, one to speak for the motion (ie the subject for discussion) and one to speak against.  The subject chosen therefore needs to be controversial.


18 years and under


TV Newsreading


These classes could be seen as a training ground for future broadcasters although we cannot provide the full studio atmosphere with cameras and autocue.


However we provide a script where appropriate and in the two younger groups the opportunity to create their own the script.  The older competitors have a more challenging task as the script is provided only 5 minutes before the ‘programme’.


The techniques required in these classes are different from those in the previous classes because a newscaster has to be unbiased in delivery as information not opinion is being given.  Appearance and presentation are especially important in this class.


10 – 12 years

13 – 15 years


Story Telling


This class will appeal to those who enjoy writing or telling stories. Competitors are required to use their imagination in creating a short story stimulated by an object which will have been given five minutes before the competition.   The story should arise spontaneously and competitors should not be tempted to prepare a story beforehand and then hope that it will somehow fit the subject on the day.  Over the years we have had some amusing and heartrending stories.  Some competitors have difficulty in sustaining their theme while others do not know how to stop.  A bit of practice with younger children or sympathetic friends would be an advantage.


11 and under 15 years


Please see syllabus for appropriate class number and time limit