MSF | Speech and Drama Rules
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Speech and Drama Rules

1 OWN CHOICE. The printed books or copies of own choice pieces must be brought by the Competitors and handed to the Adjudicator’s Steward before performing. In Acting Classes, all cuts should be clearly marked. Title and author of all Own Choice items must be supplied in writing at the time of performance, in order to comply with Performing Rights Rules. All Own Choice selections must be by published authors.


2 VERSE. GESTURE and MOVEMENT are NOT permitted in the speaking of Lyrical Verse. All Verse must be memorised. Gesture is allowed in the speaking of Memorised Prose.


3 GROUP SPEAKING / DUO VERSE Movement optional. Music or Sound Effects may beincluded in the performance. Equipment must be provided by the Competitor. Hand props allowed. Groups must enter under a Collective Title, NOT Individual Names.


4 MIME CLASSES. In all Mime Classes no-one under 10 years may enter.

No costume or handprops are allowed. Table and chairs will be provided. Shoes if worn, must have soft soles. Sound effects or music may accompany the mime offstage.


N.B. DANCE DRAMA is not accepted in these classes. See Class 45.



a. In all classes a Scene from any Published Play or Dramatisation from a Novel may be used. SKETCHES (scenes written in isolation) ARE NOT PERMITTED. An exception is made for scenes set for Exam Syllabi, which must be cut to comply with festival time limits. Competitors should set their own scene. Solo performers must use the lines of ONE character only. No Competitor may appear in more than one Scene in the same class. Chairs and tables will be provided by the Committee. Sound effects or music may accompany the acting / devised performance offstage.

b. In ALL Acting Classes, minimal hand props are permitted. However, the Festival encourages the use of mime instead of props. Costume is not allowed. Appropriate practice clothing permitted. See General Rules.

c. GROUP ACTING CLASSES. These must consist of three or more speaking parts, and Competitors cannot enter the same scene in more than one class. In School Classes, entrants in each group must be from the same school. Groups must enter under a Collective Title, NOT Individual Names.


6 TIME LIMITS. All Time Limits must be strictly observed. Competitors may be penalised if exceeded, and marks will be deducted. Introductions are NOT included in the time limit.


7 CONDUCTING or Offstage direction in any class will incur a penalty.


8 SUBSTITUTIONS. Any School or Club entering Competitors in Solo or Duologue Classes must put the name(s) of any entrants on the Entry Form. No substitution will be allowed. Substitutions are allowed in Group Performances.


9 YOUTH DEBATING and PUBLIC SPEAKING CLASSES. Speeches must be composed by the Competitor. Minimal notes and visual aids may be used. Please note that the use of technical equipment will not be permitted for class 90, but may be used for Classes 91,92 and 93. Entrants must be responsible for supplying and setting-up their own equipment, for which extra time will be allowed before classes start.


10 ADULT CLASSES. These classes are open to anyone over the age of 21


NB. Competitors and teachers are asked to show sensitivity towards their audience in their choice of text and language.