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Enjoy our Celebration of Performance through Making Music.

Congratulations to all who took part in this year’s festival.  We hope you found it an enjoyable and worthwhile experience.  It was good to see so many performers of all ages and abilities taking part.


We are now already well into the planning stage for 2024 and expect the syllabus to be available in late September.

Here are some of the highlights.  All dates are shown on the Calendar which can be found on the Home Page.


After a successful return to the Roper Theatre at Hayesfield School, we have rebooked for 2024 and the Festival of Bands and Orchestras will take place there on Tuesday March 5.  Classes for smaller Instrumental Groups take place at Bath Citadel in the afternoon and evening of Wednesday March 13.

Secondary Choral Day has a change of day and venue for 2024 and will take place at Widcombe Baptist Church on Friday March 15 while Adult Choral Day is back at the well liked St Swithins Church on Saturday March 9.

Primary Music Day is booked for Tuesday March 19 in the usual venue of the Pavilion.

Check out our Bursary scheme for information on how the Festival may be able to help with transport costs to any of these events.


Classes for singers, piano players and instrumentalists will take place over Monday to Thursday March 11 – 15 in the usual venues of The Guildhall and Bath Citadel.

The exception is Harp classes which are scheduled for Monday March 4.  These take place once again in the superb surroundings of the Steinway Music School at the Royal High School, Bath.

An Evening of Classical Music will again take place in the magnificent Braunschweig Room of Bath’s Guildhall on Thursday March 14 at 6.15pm. All students and lovers of classical music should not miss this rare opportunity to come along to listen to those competing for the Premier Award of the Festival which involves the winners of all three Concerto classes competing against each other followed by the Thelma King Instrumental Award competition. You will be certain to hear some highly talented musicians and admission to this event is FREE!


Bath Young Musician of the Year 2023 will take place on Wednesday October 11 in the Pump Room Bath.