MSF | Dance Rules
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Dance Rules

1. STATUS Entrants must be bona-fide amateurs. For the purpose of this Festival an amateur is defined as someone who does not derive his/her livelihood from the branch of performance, defined by the class title, in which he/she seeks to enter the festival. In any ensemble, all members must adhere to that principle. This will apply unless it is clearly stated otherwise. The Entry Secretary reserves the right to decide whether any entrant is qualified to compete under this rule, and to accept/refuse any entry.



a) Each performer must use a separate official Entry Form. Forms may be photocopied.

b) Entries, together with the correct fees, should be sent to the Entry Secretary. The Entry Secretary shall not be held responsible for entries made in the wrong classes. Solo entries are not transferable, and fees will be forfeited when entries definitely registered are cancelled.

c) Any competitor withdrawing from the competition should notify the Entry Secretary before the commencement of their class.

d) In the event of a very large entry, the Entry Secretary reserves the right to sub-divide any class considered too large for realistic adjudication.


3. COMPETITORS’ TICKETS confirming all details will be sent out at least one week before the Festival. These act as Admission Tickets (for the competitor only) for the day. Teachers will be sent a complimentary ticket at the same time, together with a receipt for all monies paid, if requested. Earlier acknowledgement will not be sent out unless a stamped addressed envelope is enclosed with the Entry.


4. AGE LIMITS are reckoned as on 20 September.


5. PERFORMANCE ORDER Competitors should perform in the order given in the programme. Any who are missing at the time will be called at the end of the class. Any performer who has insufficient time to change their costume will also be called at the end of the class. No competitor may enter the same class more than once in their own age group, for each solo section and twice for each technique in a duet or trio section. A minimum of five dancers constitutes a group. Solo dancers may not be substituted but in the event of an unavoidable absence of a partner, one substitute will be allowed in a duet, two in a trio/quartet and three in a group. Organizers must be warned a minimum of two hours before a class.


6. ADJUDICATORS written remarks will be available for all competitors. Where competitors have entered a competitive class, these adjudication sheets will contain the relevant grade and be accompanied by a certificate. For non-competitive classes adjudication sheets will only contain comments. All adjudication sheets/certificates may be collected at the end of each class. Any adjudication sheets/certificates not collected on the day may be obtained from the Entry Secretary on receipt of an A4 stamped addressed envelope.


7. CHILD PROTECTION It is necessary for teachers and parents to be aware of the Festival’s Child Protection Policy, which can be found on Policies page. Signature on the entry forms confirms that the policy has been read. Where an entry is made by a child under 18 the entry form must be countersigned by a parent/guardian/responsible adult.



a) Where trophies are awarded to class winners, these are at the discretion of the Adjudicator, providing he/she considers an appropriate standard is obtained. Not all classes have trophies but every class has recognition for best performance. Trophies must be signed for before leaving. Winners should be prepared to take part in the Festival Concert if one is held. Trophies should be included in the Household Insurance Policy. Trophy holders are responsible for having their names suitably engraved if they so wish.

b) Trophies should be returned, securely packed by September 1st of the following year, to the address shown on the recall label which will be sent out in August.


9. SPECIAL NEEDS/SAFETY OF PERFORMERS The Festival welcomes entries from candidates who have special needs, but notification of the nature of any condition must be made to the Entry Secretary when entries are submitted, in order that adequate provision may be made. To be most beneficial to performers, a full explanation of the nature of the condition would be appreciated, together with documentary evidence if appropriate. It is necessary for parents and teachers to be aware of their responsibilities in entering any performers with limited physical capabilities or special needs, bearing in mind the limitations imposed by the stage and surrounding environment.


10. COMMUNICATIONS When Festival classes are in progress, competitors and their representatives may not communicate directly with the Adjudicator. Any necessary communication should be made via the Adjudicator’s Steward.


11. COPYRIGHT The Festival is bound by copyright law and cannot allow flash photography, tape or video recording during any performance or adjudication. The Festival does not accept liability for the infringement of copyright, recording or performing rights. Teachers and Choreographers using CDs created from recordings are advised they are themselves responsible for seeking permission to re-record from the recording companies concerned. There will be an official photographer in attendance and details of where photographs will be held will be sent out with the competitors’ cards. Parents/teachers/guardians/responsible adults wishing their children to be photographed will be asked to sign, giving their permission for the Festival to use these photographs in promotional material.


12. The stage and stage wings are out of bounds to all except authorised personnel and those about to perform. Authorised persons are Mid-Somerset Festival personnel and one parent/teacher/carer if a child is under 8 years or with special needs.

Please note: No live PROPS are permitted on the stage.


13. It is the responsibility of the entrant to set CDs ready to play with the track clearly marked. In addition they should be labelled with the class/number of the entrant. The organisers cannot accept any responsibility for incorrect playing of any CD except in the event of equipment failure. It is recommended that performers bring a back up copy of their CD IN A DIFFERENT MEDIUM i.e. MINI-DISK.


14. Pointe work is not allowed for any performer under 13 years old.


15. Fixed taps (single sound) only may be used for tap dancing.


16. LOST PROPERTY The Festival cannot accept any responsibility for property left at the venue during the Festival. Any lost property can be collected from the venue.


17. MODIFICATION OF RULES The Committee reserves the right to qualify or determine any of the rules; to change or supplement the Adjudicators, and to modify any provisional timetable issued, should the need arise.