The Festival Bursary | MSF
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The Festival Bursary


The trustees of the Mid Somerset Festival recognise that there may be economic barriers to participation in the Festival or events with which it is associated.

The scheme has been set up to offer practical assistance to schools/organisations or individuals in this position.

The scheme will be open to local schools/organisations and individuals, where ‘local’ is defined as being within 30 miles of Bath.

Applicants outside this area may be considered in exceptional circumstances.

Consideration will be given to applications for help with entry fees, travel costs (e.g. coach hire) for schools/organisations, or any other expense associated with performing at an MSF event.

All applications will be considered separately, according to the merits of each case. Priority will be given to applicants demonstrating most financial need. Applicants must provide full and relevant documentation.

Please Note:

There is a finite amount available for distribution under the Public Benefit Scheme. Early applications are encouraged so as to provide for the most equitable distribution of funds.

We can never guarantee approval of the full amount applied for. In the event that the total of all applications exceeds the funds available, a proportion of each individual request may be approved.


Download the application form or contact the General Secretary