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a Steward

Stewards are an integral part of the Festival – without them the event simply wouldn’t work!
So, we are always on the lookout for enthusiastic people, who are interested in the performing arts, to assist with stewarding and have some fun as well.


There is a variety of tasks for which stewards are required:


The adjudicator’s steward, as the name suggests, assists the adjudicator and ensures that the competition room runs smoothly

The door steward controls entry and exit to and from the competition room

The scribe completes the certificates in readiness for presentation to the competitors

The Box Office steward has responsibility for selling tickets and programmes outside the competition room


The majority of the classes take place during the day, including Saturdays, but there are some classes in both Speech

 & Drama and Music which are evening events. There are some very talented young people in the area and stewarding at the Festival not only helps provide a platform to show off that talent, but also gives the stewards an opportunity to see them in performance.


So … do you have an interest in the performing arts? Do you have a few hours to spare during the week, when you could be watching or listening to the young people of the area giving of their best? Would you like to try your hand at stewarding for the Festival? There is no minimum number of hours required – we are very appreciative of any time that can be given. The role of the steward does NOT require any form of DBS check – we simply ask that you provide the names of two referees (a requirement with regard to Child Protection policy).


If you feel you could spare time to help please complete the form below.


    I am interested in the role of festival steward. Please contact me