MSF | Concert pics
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Speech and drama concert 2023

Exceptional performers from this years’ festival nominated to appear in our 2023 Speech and Drama Concert.  Click pics to enlarge.

Catherine Mattingly and Ellie Baxter – Duo Verse

Scarlett Main – Memorised prose

Martha Toghill and Sasha Jennings – Duo acting

Hikaru Wakatsuki-Hobbs – Verse speaking

Noah Thomas – Verse speaking

Claudia Scaife. – Solo acting

Jacob Katsande – Solo acting

Flo Yardley – Musical theatre

Nameeta Nandeibam. – Verse speaking

Bella Farrell and Mia Tweddle – Duo acting

Maggie Christmas – Solo acting

Frejya Stewart Cox – Solo Acting

Olivia Jordan & Darcy Grey – Duo Shakespeare

Next Stage Youth – Group acting

Katherine Hulin – Repertoire extract