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Who are we looking for?


The Mid Somerset Festival (MSF) is one of the oldest competitive festival for the performing arts in the UK having been established in 1901. Although we are proud of our past we are always looking to the future in order to keep the Festival relevant and exciting


Like any organisation we are continually developing and evolving to cope with the everchanging demands on the Festival. It has always been our policy to encourage new people and new ideas to keep the Festival fresh and relatable in todays’ world. With that in mind we have several interesting and fulfilling roles to fill,some of which are new and others that will become available at different times during the coming months.


The festival has two distinct seasons, the first in the Spring covering a mix of competitive and non-competitive classes in Creative Writing, Drama, Music and Musical Theatre and the second in the Autumn when we hold our Dance festival plus two prestigious events, Bath Young Actor of the Year and Bath Young Musician of the Year.


For our teams these represent the busiest times of the year when all concerned can expect to be actively involved from mid-January to March and again from mid-September to mid -October. Work, however, does continue throughout the year at much less intense pace and dependent on the role.


If you feel you can help us make that difference, whether it be donating your time or supporting us in other ways, you will be contributing to continuing a legacy that has meant so much to all our performers over the last 120 years and we would love to hear from you.


Click on one of the options below to find out more.


We are happy to chat. So if you have any questions or would like more guidance on your options Just call Lynn Barnes Festival Chair on 01275 472828.

The Treasurer is an Officer of the Festival and a Trustee of the Charity, discharging the legal authorities and responsibilities attaching to these positions




The Chief Financial Officer, will have full responsibility for:

  • The financial conduct of the Festival in accordance with requirements of the Festival’s Instrument of Government, Statute and the Charity Commission.
  • The provision of relevant financial advice to General Council covering all aspects of the Festival’s operations.
  • Defining and agreeing with General Council the financial rules, policies and procedures governing the conduct of the Festival and monitoring the application of them by Officers, Trustees, other members of General Council and volunteers.




  • The Treasurer will be responsible for the maintenance of accurate financial records of the Festival’s activities, compliant with GAAP, statute and the Charity SORP. In particular, the Treasurer will:
  • Ensure that the General Ledger system is and remains fit for purpose, having regard   to the operations of the Festival and legal requirements.
  • Control access to the General Ledger system.
  • Ensure that all transactions are captured into the Ledger in an accurate and timely fashion in accordance with GAAP, statute and the Charity SORP.
  • Ensure that all Festival Trustees, staff and volunteers who have access to the Ledger are suitably trained in its operation.


  • To produce the Festival’s Annual Accounts and related commentaries and analysis.
  • To arrange for the annual examination / audit of the accounts as required by statute and the Charity Commission and liaise with appropriate external bodies.
  • Be responsible for the storage of financial archives as well as items of operational equipment; and will liaise appropriately with staff of the storage facility.
  • Be responsible for the tax affairs of the Festival – and in particular liaising with HMRC in respect of the preparation and timely filing of corporation tax returns
  • Be responsible for the robust management of the Festival’s cash resources. In particular by:
  • Ensuring that all Festival monies are deposited with reputable financial institutions.
  • Monitoring the performance of the financial institutions to ensure value for money for the Festival.
  • That the balances held by external bodies are verified and reconciled to the ledger at least monthly.
  • Ensuring that monies held in escrow are transferred to banks accounts in a timely manner.


The ideal applicant should have a background/qualification in accountancy. Have the patience to train and guide volunteers in the operation of a Box office. Demonstrate team skills. Be prepared to liaise with the different sectors of the Festival and their needs. Is ultimately responsible to General Council reporting in the first instance to the Chair.

The General Secretary is an Officer of the Festival and a Trustee of the Charity, discharging the legal authorities and responsibilities attaching to these positions.




To manage the general administration of the Festival in accordance with the governing document of the Festival and existing legislation




General Council (GC) meetings:

  • Produce agenda in consultation heads of other committees and ultimately GC Chair.
  • Distribute agenda and other papers to members of GC prior to meeting.
  • Take minutes of any meetings and distribute to GC members

Annual General meeting (AGM):

  • Send out notice of meeting to all Members of the Festival.
  • Prepare AGM papers and distribute
  • Manage Nomination to GC process


  • Liaise with other Officers on matters pertaining to the overall governance of the Festival.
  • Keep abreast of any legislation affecting the Festival including: Data protection, safeguarding, DBS registration
  • Take any necessary steps regarding changes to documentation/revision of procedures.
  • Ensure registration with ICO is kept up to date
  • Act as contact for The British & International Federation of Festivals (BIFF) covering insurance payments, DBS administration, and disseminate information to GC members.
  • Act as contact for Charity Commission ensuring Festival details on CC site are kept up to date.

Is a member of the Financial and General Purposes committee. They may be invited to Join the General Council and become a Trustee although this is optional.



To oversee any income sources for the Festival



  • To deal with Members and Friends of the Festival and Sponsor liaison
  • To deal with financial activities relating to the above
  • To administer the Gift Aid scheme
  • Any other income activities that may arise, eg sale of merchandise


The person taking on this role will need good people skills and will liaise with both Chief Steward and Corporate Sponsor officer

Is a member of the Financial and General Purposes Committee. They may be invited to Join the General Council and become a Trustee although this is not a requirement.




To oversee the use of all IT within the Festival



  • To manage web content in liaison with the webmaster
  • To update MSF entry on The British & International Federation of Festivals (BIFF) website
  • To oversee the online entry system
  • To oversee the management of the EPOS system
  • To oversee the management of the email system
  • To enter results to the website


A background or proven competence in this field is desirable.

Is a member of the Financial and General Purposes Committee. They may be invited to Join the General Council and become a Trustee although this is not a requirement.




To ensure the smooth administration of all Festival events



  • To book venues according to the requirements of the various disciplines liaising with venue contacts throughout events
  • To book adjudicators’ accommodation as advised
  • To be responsible for Venue Risk Assessments
  • To oversee the office set up for the March Festival
  • To have oversight of the various box offices
  • To ‘meet and greet’ as appropriate
  • To have care of the historical archives (Currently housed in The Guildhall)


Attention to detail is important in this role plus a degree of diplomacy.

Is a member of the Financial and General Purposes Committee. They may be invited to Join the General Council and become a Trustee although this is not a requirement.




To maintain consistency throughout the suite of Festival documents produced, paying close attention to corporate style.



  • To collate the content of the Festival syllabus (autumn) and programme (spring) liaising with all disciplines
  • To liaise with the printers regarding production of pdf (syllabus) and hard copy (programme)
  • To organise advertising content of the main programme, up to and including billing/chasing payments
  • To oversee the collation of the Annual Report (summer)
  • Order stationery as required by General Council members


A background in print or sales is desirable but not essential. More important are good proofreading and organisational skills plus a willingness to find new or manage existing advertisers for both programme and website. In addition to the Creative Writing, Dance, Music, Musical Theatre and Speech & Drama committees you would liaise with IT Manager on web adverts.