MSF | Music Awards
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Music Awards

Instrumental section


The Premier Award.


This competition will take place during at the Classical Music Evening on Thursday 19th  March 2020. The Piano, String and Wind Concerto winners will take part, and the winner will receive the Premier Award of the Festival. All three contestants receive cash prizes.


The Thelma King Instrumental Award.


This award is for an outstanding young instrumentalist.  For full details see the Instrumental page.


The Jennifer Paterson Awards


Jenny Paterson, who died in 2011, was a string teacher and music educator in Bath. She has left a very generous bequest to the Mid-Somerset Festival. The Music Committee has decided on awards which reflect her love of and dedication to shared music making. Each year we will be awarding:


a) The Jennifer Paterson Award for the most promising string player aged 14 and under.


b) An overall Chamber Music Award.


In 2018, the Mayor of Bath, Ian Gilchrist, generously gave a new award, the Mayor of Bath’s Young Woodwind Player’s Award.  See Class W8 Woodwind Solo 14 and under


Keyboard section


The Piano Shop, Bath salver and cash prize will be awarded to the outstanding pianist between the ages of 14 and 18 years.


The Western Daily Press Challenge Trophy and cash prize will be awarded to the outstanding young pianist aged 13 years and under.


Vocal section


The following vocal awards will be made:


Young Adults: The May King Vocal Award

Adults: The Muriel King Vocal Award

Adults: The May King Memorial Trophy





See syllabus and Festival calendar for details