MSF | The Mid-Somerset in a city of festivals
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The Mid-Somerset in a city of festivals

Bath is a city of arts festivals, and the Mid-Somerset Festival is one of the oldest in the calendar. Our city hosts Bath International Music Festival, Bath Children’s Literature Festival, Bath Comedy Festival, Bath Mozartfest, the Jane Austen Festival, and more.

The Mid-Somerset training ground


Combining drama, literature, dance and music, the Mid-Somerset gets children and young people directly involved from an early age in live performing arts. Not everyone will go on to become a professional performer, but many may become teachers, administrators, publicists and publishers.

Most importantly, Mid-Somerset participants are the audiences of the future, who will support and engage with performing arts festivals to come in Bath and beyond.

Queuing round the block at The Forum for a Bath Children’s Literature event, young writers will have an opportunity to share their own work at the Mid-Somerset Festival the following year. Young actors perform a stone’s throw from Bath’s Theatre Royal. Musicians of tomorrow play at the same venues as international artists.

Post-pandemic and future festivals


During the pandemic, regulations shut down or restricted live performing arts, putting celebrations and training on hold.  Future arts festivals will rely on the knowledge, expertise and interest of today’s young people. Particularly in dance and music, students must acquire skills and experience, intensively, from a very young age.

The Mid-Somerset encourages the next generation of performers. This is why it is important to persevere, and provide continuity through live education events in the performing arts. After a live dance event this autumn, the 2022 Mid-Somerset will look far beyond the pandemic years to ensure that there will be no significant hiatus in training and development now.

Making connections


The link between Bath’s festivals may not be visible on the surface, but there are connections through the people, venues, volunteers and audiences.

One of the best ways for performing arts students to learn is to watch professionals in action. Click through Bath Box Office’s website, there is always something inspirational to enjoy.

The Mid-Somerset’s competitive element reflects the healthy vying for audiences, reviews, and opportunities that takes place in a city of culture.

Grab a syllabus


The 2022 syllabus is out now, available to download from the website. See you in 2022!

  • Georgina

    November 18, 2021 at 12:12 pm Reply

    Bath is a brilliant city for festivals let’s hope we see them all returning in 2022

  • sandra derrick

    November 22, 2021 at 7:59 pm Reply

    Hi to everyone.I just so enjoy my “stewarding duties” when I come to festival ,seeing such talent in so many very young folk We are lucky to have this It is always worth the hour long journey It will be good to get back to it

    • Rose

      November 23, 2021 at 9:53 am Reply

      The Mid-Somerset couldn’t function without its dedicated stewards! An hour’s journey is especially dedicated 🙂

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