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Adults only

A question that is often asked is, “Does the Mid-Somerset Festival offer classes for adults?”  The answer is definitely “Yes!”

Many adults enjoy playing an instrument, singing, acting or writing in their spare time. The Mid-Somerset gives people of all ages a chance to share their work, and enjoy learning from others.


One of our most popular days is the ADULT CHORAL DAY.  This is purely for adult choirs, be they small ensembles, a choir of fifty, single sex or mixed sex, barber shop or a community choir. Secondary and primary school choirs have their own dedicated days.

There is a choice of classes to enter including Show Song, Sacred Music and Folk Song.  Most choirs like to compete with other choirs and there is always great joy and celebration if they get to take home a trophy, but we also offer a non-competitive class for Community Choirs or those newer to choral singing.

Whatever the standard, every choir enters for the joy of taking part and meeting and listening to other choirs.  The professional adjudicator gives each performance a written appraisal and offers both positive feedback and points to work on.  The atmosphere is always friendly and supportive throughout the day and we hope everyone has a good time.

In 2022 the event takes place on Saturday March 12th  in St Swithin’s Church, Bath and you can find out more here –

We also offer a set of classes for individual amateur singers on ADULT VOCAL DAY which features classes in two age groups 16 – 19 years and 20 years and over.  Again there is a choice of classes including Show Song, Art Song, Opera and Oratorio with a professional adjudicator to give feedback. There are two overall awards for adults age 20 and over, Vocal Recital and Art Song, which carry cash prizes.

Find out more on

There are dedicated classes for adults in KEYBOARD section too. We have a Piano Solo class for players age 25 and over, which piano teachers are especially welcome to enter, and an Adult Beginners class.

If you decided to take up the piano during lockdown the Beginners class may be the class for you.  It could be the incentive you need to keep practising!

In fact many of the classes in both the KEYBOARD and INSTRUMENTAL sections of the syllabus are categorised by grade rather than age so any amateur player of whatever age can enter provided their pieces are at the correct grade level.

You can use the links above to find out what is on offer.

So why not give it a go.  We look forward to seeing you at the Festival in March.


Creative Writing


There is an abundance of writing competitions, but what’s different about the Mid- Somerset is the Creative Writing Day. Writers can come along, meet the judge and get feedback in person. Writing can be rather solitary, so it’s great to get together with other writers from time to time! Hope to see you on Saturday, March 19, 2022 at The Bath Citadel.

Creative Writing classes for adults at the Mid-Somerset, including short stories, drama, and poetry, can be found here.

If you haven’t got much time, try a haiku!




The Speech and Drama syllabus offers a chance for solo amateur actors over 21 years to receive constructive advice from a professional practitioner. There are classes in Verse Speaking, Reading Aloud, Memorised Prose, Solo Acting and Solo Shakespeare.

The Mid-Somerset provides a range of opportunities for younger adults from 16 to 21 years.

The Open classes in the Musical Theatre event are designed for performers of all ages.

We would love to hear from amateur actors in Bath and beyond (we know there are lots of you!). Please let us know what opportunities you would like to see for actors up to 100 years old in the drama section at the Mid-Somerset Festival. We are open to suggestions!

Please contact Rose on 07929 314728  – or leave a comment.


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