MSF | Bands and Orchestras
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Bands and Orchestras

Classes are offered for Wind Bands, Swing Bands and other Bands.


Together with the Orchestra Classes all these come together to make one great celebration of music making on Friday 6 March in the splendid auditorium at Hayesfield School, Bath.


Wind Bands and Swing Bands competitive classes are divided into 2 main categories:


  • Year 13 and under
  • Open


All classes offer free choice.


In addition there are two non-competitive “Showcase” classes providing opportunity to demonstrate what your school enjoys doing well, be it African Drumming, Folk Music, Blues Band etc.


Full class details can be found in the syllabus.


Other Ensemble Events:


  • Primary Music Makers, as part of Primary Music Day, is a non-competitive session for up to Year 6 only. Any Junior Bands, Orchestras or Ensembles, tuned or untuned Percussion Groups, or any other Rhythm groups are welcome to come along and share their performances with others. Informal choirs and class groups also take part in this session and everyone has fun with some combined music making.
  • Chamber Music and Ensembles