MSF | The Mid-Somerset Festival breaks down financial barriers to training in performance arts
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The Mid-Somerset Festival breaks down financial barriers to training in performance arts

MSF – financially accessible!

The cost of training in performance arts can be very high, and for musicians there is the added expense of paying for an instrument. Fortunately, the Mid-Somerset strives to keep entry fees as low as possible. This results in an educational and performance experience, with feedback from a professional adjudicator, at a fraction of the cost of an examination. 

The Mid-Somerset Festival is open to all, you don’t have to pay for private tuition or attend an independent school to enter. 

MSF bursary

A bursary scheme is available for schools, training organisations, and individuals who may need assistance with entry fees or travel. Lack of funds should never be a barrier to participation in the Mid-Somerset Festival, so please get in touch for assistance. 

Financial awards

Additionally, there’s more to aim for at the Mid-Somerset Festival than certificates and trophies. Some winners are provided with sponsorship which could contribute towards further training. In fact, due to the generosity of financial donors in the past, there are several cash prizes in all sections of the festival.

Some of the more coveted awards recognise versatility, skill and ability across a range of classes, while others reward a particular specialism.

Drama and Public Speaking awards

Actors with a wide range of drama performance skills receive a trophy and £50 in the individual Repertoire classes, where solo participants perform a recital on a theme of their choice.

School entries for Primary Group Acting compete for £50 and a trophy.

Debating teams of three may win the unusual Robert Sparkes Trophy, and £100, debating a topic of their own choice.

Throughout the Speech and Drama week, performances in acting classes are observed. The most accomplished actors are selected to take part in the Bath Young Actor event which takes place in October. Junior and Senior Bath Young Actor winners receive a cash prize and trophy. 

Bath Young Actor recognises exceptional talent, we are looking forward to its return in 2022.

Creative Writing

Writers over 19 years old are eligible to win £50 for outstanding overall submissions of poetry.  Another £50 prize rewards writers of prose and drama. More than enough for a couple of new notebooks!

Music Awards

There are numerous opportunities for singers and musicians to win a financial award through participation in the Mid Somerset Festival, including the Thelma King awards, the Jennifer Patterson awards and the Premier Award. 

Details of all awards are available in each syllabus.

Workshops and teaching

The Mid-Somerset regularly offers affordable workshops for performers and musicians which are either planned or arise spontaneously as part of a competitive class. Some events have a particular emphasis on learning as well as assessment and feedback, such as Primary Music Day.


The generous and ongoing support of our sponsors enables the Mid-Somerset Festival to provide a platform for developing musicians, actors, writers and dancers from all economic backgrounds. 


Mid-Somerset Festival events and concerts are free, or very low cost, for audiences.

It’s a good opportunity to catch a performance by some of the actors and musicians of the future!

Rosemary McEwen


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