MSF | Primary Music Day
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Primary Music Day

Primary Music Day

see pages 26 – 27 of the syllabus


Primary Music Day takes place Tuesday March 21 in the usual venue of the Pavilion. There are competitive and non-competitive classes for all.  Whatever the size or standard of your instrumental or singing group is we hope you will come along and take part


Primary Choral and Instrumental Session


The session will involve some low key competition but the Concert format and sharing element will continue.  Participating choirs are encouraged to attend for as much of the morning as is reasonable for their children. The arrangement of the morning will depend on the number of entries in each of the five classes but will include adjudication for each group.



Primary Music Makers


This session is non-competitive.  An adjudicator will help lead the afternoon involving the children in some combined music making, if time allows, at intervals throughout the session. Each performance will receive adjudication but will not be graded. The adjudicator’s comments to the children will be positive (emphasising their strengths), while teachers will receive some written feedback which we hope will be of help in the future. Each group will also receive a memento of the occasion to take back to school.


Performances are grouped into four classes but these groupings are not rigid and we can usually accommodate any musical performance that you would like to share with others. Come and show us what you can do. You can be assured that you and your children will be warmly welcomed.