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Music to our ears

The 2022 Mid-Somerset Festival took place triumphantly and 100% live. It’s hard to believe that six months ago there was still a chance that the Festival wouldn’t go ahead as normal. 

Let’s take a moment to reflect on the achievements and challenges of this year’s return to a full on Mid-Somerset, and hear from some of the key people who made it happen.READ MORE

‘Onto the stage with a big smile!’

Nervousness before going on stage is a challenge faced by many performers, and we each have our own ways of dealing with it. Over time, you can develop your unique and perfect way of dealing with the stress.

Here are a few ideas from a member of Bath’s Next Stage Youth to help you remain as calm as possible before your time to shine.

Plus some expert advice from the Mid-Somerset Speech and Drama Committee.READ MORE

Behind the scenes at the Mid-Somerset

The best part of volunteering with an arts organisation is getting to know people with similar interests, and sometimes making lifelong friends. A few weeks before the Mid-Somerset Festival begins, the Stewards’ Coffee Mornings provide an opportunity for Festival volunteers to prepare and socialise. New recruits meet old hands and learn about the role. 


Practice is imperfect

With less than a month to go till the start of the Mid-Somerset Festival, the sound of practising will be resonating somewhere in the soundscape of Bath. There will also be the silence of not practising, and perhaps the noise of heated discussions about its absence.

Practice doesn’t come naturally to many, and for some it is an anxiety inducing chore to be avoided. Practising the art of practice is a good place to start.READ MORE

A giant jigsaw puzzle

The Mid-Somerset entries are in, and you’ll soon be hearing from us with information about the time and place of your classes. In the meantime, the Festival is grappling with an enormous jigsaw puzzle – the timetable.

Ever wondered why you’re rushing through the centre of Bath on a windy day in March with only a few minutes to spare? Well, it’s because in January, someone stuck a particular little piece of paper to a board with a tiny bit of Blu Tac.


Our box office: catching up with technology in 2022

Regular visitors to Mid-Somerset Festival events will be aware that since time immemorial, when purchasing audience entry tickets or programmes from one of our venue Box Offices we have only been able to accept cash from you.

How quickly the world moves on!  Over the past few years, feedback from audiences has increasingly drawn attention to how old fashioned and inconvenient this is.READ MORE

Mid-Somerset Festival books reviewed by Longvernal Primary School

Looking for some last minute gift ideas for the young bookworm in your family? Every year the Mid-Somerset Festival selects new and classic books for the Reading Aloud classes.

We asked the Chatterbooks Club at Longvernal Primary School in Midsomer Norton to review some of the books set for 2022.

Perhaps the Chatterbooks’ recommendations will provide some suggestions for Christmas holiday reading?  Or even inspire young book enthusiasts to read aloud at the Mid-Somerset Speech and Drama week in March.READ MORE

The Mid-Somerset Festival breaks down financial barriers to training in performance arts

MSF – financially accessible!

The cost of training in performance arts can be very high, and for musicians there is the added expense of paying for an instrument. Fortunately, the Mid-Somerset strives to keep entry fees as low as possible. This results in an educational and performance experience, with feedback from a professional adjudicator, at a fraction of the cost of an examination. 

The Mid-Somerset Festival is open to all, you don’t have to pay for private tuition or attend an independent school to enter. READ MORE

Adults only

A question that is often asked is, “Does the Mid-Somerset Festival offer classes for adults?”  The answer is definitely “Yes!”

Many adults enjoy playing an instrument, singing, acting or writing in their spare time. The Mid-Somerset gives people of all ages a chance to share their work, and enjoy learning from others.READ MORE

Poetry Aloud

Young performers enjoy exploring poetry through themes in the Junior Open Verse Speaking classes. In the Primary section, individual set poems can be studied collectively, resulting in many creative interpretations of the same lines. 

At GCSE and A level standard, the Mid-Somerset Festival challenges participants to look at poetry from a different perspective. Studying the work of a specific poet leads to an understanding of influences and individual style in poetry. In addition, the sonnet class reveals how emotion and form are closely intertwined. 

Let’s take a look at this year’s chosen poets.READ MORE

Folk songs are for everyone!

Folk songs are performed at the Mid-Somerset Festival by children up to 15 years old, unaccompanied. Every year we are delighted to hear international students sing traditional songs from around the world.READ MORE