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Author:Rosemary McEwen

Poetry Aloud

Young performers enjoy exploring poetry through themes in the Junior Open Verse Speaking classes. In the Primary section, individual set poems can be studied collectively, resulting in many creative interpretations of the same lines. 

At GCSE and A level standard, the Mid-Somerset Festival challenges participants to look at poetry from a different perspective. Studying the work of a specific poet leads to an understanding of influences and individual style in poetry. In addition, the sonnet class reveals how emotion and form are closely intertwined. 

Let’s take a look at this year’s chosen poets.READ MORE


Folk songs are for everyone!

Folk songs are performed at the Mid-Somerset Festival by children up to 15 years old, unaccompanied. Every year we are delighted to hear international students sing traditional songs from around the world.READ MORE


Creative writing: where do you get your ideas from?

It’s time to start putting pen to paper! Entries for the Mid-Somerset Creative Writing classes are due in on 19 January 2022.

Most writers take a notebook and pen with them everywhere they go, to jot down observations and ideas.  

What if the ideas don’t arrive, and you’re facing a blank page or screen?



The Mid-Somerset in a city of festivals

Bath is a city of arts festivals, and the Mid-Somerset Festival is one of the oldest in the calendar. Our city hosts Bath International Music Festival, Bath Children’s Literature Festival, Bath Comedy Festival, Bath Mozartfest, the Jane Austen Festival, and more.READ MORE